Art Guidelines - May 2018


This page has information relating to in-progress or completed contract/freelance work at Kybolt Ltd.

We are allowing the public to view this snapshot of the art guidelines from May 2018, to share what we're up to in our development process, and also to let artists have a spec to examine that might stimulate their imaginations or be useful to practice with.

The following are guidelines, and the process that follows is a collaborative one in which we might bend or change rules without updating them in this snapshot.

We hope you will enjoy reading.

Our current project is a lane-pushing game for PC called Rise of Winterchill. It's intended to be a really fun experience to play with other people, with a rich atmosphere and attentive story.

Other lane-pushing games for PC include League of Legends, Dota2, Heroes of the Storm, and Dawngate. The game takes place in 3D, but needs plenty of 2D art as well.

Top-down view of a fantasy battlefield
A screenshot from Dawngate, to give a suggestion of what gameplay will look like. Our art style is different though!

The game's art direction is still in its early stages. We're working towards an illustrative fantasy art style. A small sample of our 2D graphics look something like this (scroll horizontally):

We are a tiny team, and we'll be available daily to chat and support you during our collaboration.

If you are a concept artist / character designer:

If you are an illustrator:

All the information you should need is on this page, or linked from here. We have tried to write in simple English as much as we can. If you have questions or need help, please write to

Thanks for reading!