Game Writer

Last Updated: 27 May 2019

This position has been filled.

At Kybolt, we care about narrative and want a game writer involved in our game Rise of Winterchill at the earliest stage possible.

To make that happen, we're using EI Innovation Voucher funding, which lets us offer approx 2 months of paid work to a writer affiliated with a college in Ireland or Northern Ireland. A full list of participating colleges can be found here.

If you are a game writer and have (or can arrange) a college affiliation, read on!

What is the game?

Rise of Winterchill is a fantasy-themed lane-pushing game / MOBA.

Its primary focus is solving player toxicity, and curating a community that is interested in everyone's personal growth as leaders and team players.

Its lead designer, Softmints, made one of the original DotA maps, and authors the genre's most comprehensive game design and history resource: Lane-Pushing Games.

  • Similar games include League of Legends, Dota2, Dawngate, and SMITE.
  • The game is multiplayer, team-based, and played online in sessions lasting 20-30 minutes.
  • The business model is free-to-play, and the game will operate as a live service.

It is currently in alpha testing, and is being developed by Kybolt Ltd., a tiny indie team based in Dublin, Ireland using the Amazon Lumberyard game engine.

How would I be involved?

You are responsible for world-building, narrative design, and character design for the game. We want you to champion the story, script, and writing of the overall product as the narrative vision holder.

We are working at the cutting edge of the lane-pushing game / MOBA genre. This involves many constraints, but also presents an opportunity to push the genre forward in terms of narrative delivery, character diversity, and broader accessibility.

You will be working closely with our game design team to ensure that storytelling and the creation of an immersive world that our players will love is reflected in both gameplay and its supporting elements.

In terms of our arrangement,

  • Due to using Innovation Voucher funding, you are employed by your college to do work on our behalf, though during your stay we consider you to be a core team member.
  • You work remotely or from your college facilities. We will aim to meet in person regularly; this is much more realistic if you're based in Dublin.
  • You get full credit for your work.
  • We encourage you to speak with us at the iGBL Conference in June to present the elements of your work that support player learning.
  • We are open to discussing this opportunity as full-time or part-time, and can optionally apply for further Innovation Voucher funding to extend the work.

What will I be working on?

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Researching and identifying guidelines for writing a narrative that:
    • Offers players inspiration towards collaboration, working together, and being receptive to players in their team adopting leadership roles.
    • Can grow over the course of the game’s lifetime as a live service, keeping in mind our budget, business model, and genre constraints.
  • Write portions of the story and characters for our game following these guidelines, and in-line with our existing work on the game mechanics. This includes writing:
    • World-building text to establish the setting, and outlining the overall plot.
    • Detail for various major and minor characters, including backstory, visual description of their appearance and tools, personality, voice lines / 'barks', and casting notes for voice-acting..

We may also dip into:

  • Short missions that teach gameplay concepts and introduce characters.
  • Plot outlines for short narrative arcs with the characters.


What is being looked for?

Our ideal candidate has a selection of the following:

  • Unmistakable passion for games.
  • Experience in the game industry in a narrative capacity.
  • Completed or in-progress degree in games, literature, film, or related field.
  • Self-motivated, able to handle deadlines, and a capable team-player.
  • Demonstrated experience with character design and principles of visual character design.
  • Familiarity with a range of multiplayer online games: their communities, narrative delivery, and business models.
  • Familiarity with diverse international cultures, worldviews, perspectives, mythologies, and histories.
  • Familiarity with psychology, human behaviours, incentives, motivating factors, sociology, principles of leadership.
  • Based in Dublin City.


How can I apply?

  • Email the appropriate coordinator at your college to ensure they are aware of your interest in this position, and that you understand your role in their process for handling innovation vouchers. It will help to include that Kybolt has already secured a voucher.
  • Email us at, including your CV, a short letter explaining your interest in working with us on Rise of Winterchill, and relevant writing samples.