Hero Design: Emperor

We're exploring possible inspirations for Emperor. The design must be based on real-world inspirations (RWIs) which match his character.

  • He is guaranteed cooperation (without trying)
  • He's above the need for being at ease / doesn't care about being attacked
  • He has a coercive leadership style

We don't have any WIPs yet.


Nader Shah

Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • Ruthless and coercive
  • No concern for anyone's safety
  • Highly decorated and demanding of attention

More specifically:

  • Most emperors worldwide wear a hat and dress in red.
  • One of his abilities is Red Carpet, and the Persians are famous for their carpets!

The Rod

Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • A metal rod is rigid and inflexible
  • Not especially comfortable to hold or carry
  • Good signalling device for coercive leadership.

More specifically:

  • He needs a tool that can work as a melee weapon. This is probably it.
  • It will not be carried like a staff or walking stick. I imagine a long thing rod, carried close to his chest, maybe at a diagonal.
  • I imagine he signals quite strongly for abilities like Triumph. Basic attacks might be closer to a conductor's baton.
  • Is there any case for him spinning it like a glaive?

Butterflies / Moths

Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • Creatures which act as servants emphasise his rulership.
  • Swarms of butterflies might seem unnatural(?) or transient, and leave people feeing uneasy.
  • Killing the insects after they perform their purpose would be suitably cruel..

More specifically:

  • Of course, we choose Emperor Butterflies or Emperor Moths.
  • They lend some design elements that can be used to transform Nader a bit.

Missing RWI

What do we need?

  • We probably want ways to alter his appearance from being too Persian. I'm not sure what outside influences would be appropriate at this time; most of the emperors I've looked up wouldn't change his appearance much.
  • We may need extra tools for him, such as fabergé eggs he can throw, or who knows what else.