Hero Design: Rosarian

We're exploring possible inspirations for Rosarian. The design must be based on real-world inspirations (RWIs) which match her character.

  • She has a supplied need for reassurance; she should generally have backup options and be comfortable
  • She's above the need for spontaneity; she acts in a patient / calculated / prepared manner
  • She has a supportive leadership style

We don't have any WIPs yet.



Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • Reassuring? Generally grown in tranquil, reassuring spaces
  • Not spontaneous? Takes time and effort to produce, not so spontaneous
  • Supportive? They improve the appearance of their surroundings

More specifically:

  • An idea is to use the South African Sunbelt rose, as red is an overwhelming colour.
  • Cosmetics might be available for other rose colours.
  • Thorns and briars may be useful for an offensive edge to her abilities. They are reassuring, as they demonstrate ability to enforce boundaries.

Garden Paraphernalia

Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • Reassuring? It's all about structure and clear boundaries between walkable and non-walkable areas
  • Not spontaneous? Product of care, time, and planning
  • Supportive? Many of these are literally supportive: creating an environment where plants can do their thing.

More specifically:

  • We don't want anything too modern, or to veer into things which are not typically rose gardens (example: no zen gardens)
  • The shapes and patterns seen below to should inspire Rosarian's figure and clothing.

Nigerian Gele

Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • Reassuring? Civilian dress, feminine and nonviolent.
  • Not spontaneous? Is used as traditional bridal-wear in some cases, representing responsibility and long-term commitment.
  • Supportive? Indicates availability of motherly / family support.

More specifically:

  • It's a headpiece which can be comfortably fashioned as a rose. It presumably takes a while to prepare.
  • Very versatile, lots of ways to tie them and variety of fabrics/colours/accessories.
  • We will probably choose a more elaborate shaping.

Pottery Vases

Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • Reassuring? Stable, predictable, unthreatening object
  • Not spontaneous? It takes time and skill to produce and arrange them
  • Supportive? Holds things in place to allow them to grow

More specifically:

  • I like the tall narrow shape, glazed but possibly a little cracked to show they're for outdoor use
  • She could wear a small bandolier of them on an external belt
  • She has at least one projectile ability that involves throwing small vases/pots
  • Many different ways to shape/style them for cosmetic reasons or otherwise
  • Could contain water, seeds, plants, or little creatures
  • One could in theory be balanced on the head

Homi (Korean Hand Plow)

This one's probably too obscure to see actual usage, but maybe there's room for it if other things change.

Why use this as a real-world inspiration?

  • Reassuring? It's difficult to mishandle, and is threatening enough to enforce boundaries if needed.
  • Not spontaneous? It can only be used to harm from certain angles; it's not a good improvised weapon.
  • Supportive? In its non-weapon usage, it's a gardening tool.

More specifically:

  • We need a thrown ranged weapon which has a straight-line trajectory to show precision.
  • She could throw these with a wind-up movement followed by a quick flick of the wrist.
  • The blade resembles a leaf or thorn. We may choose to exaggerate its proportions.

Missing RWI

What do we need?

  • She might benefit from a third tool, which would be supportive in nature. A watering can breaks immersion too much, but something supportive seems appropriate.

Will she look enough like a gardener?

  • Perhaps she should wear gloves? Is that too modern?
  • Other floral motifs could be: rose between the teeth, wreathe, bouquet, thorns.